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Art and Design

The Russell School follows the National Curriculum for Art and Design.

Throughout the school, children experiment with a variety of different techniques and mediums developing both their creativity and their imagination. We promote and encourage awareness of colour, shape, balance and proportion as well as personal expression. We also aim to engage our children, across all Key Stages, with many different artists, helping them to develop their own opinions and attitudes towards art.

We have a fully equipped art room but we also love to get out into our extensive and beautiful grounds to gain inspiration. Historically at The Russell School, we have entered many community based competitions and art displays such as the Richmond May Fair, the Ham Fair and the Petersham Horticultural Society Show. We reguarly celebrate children’s achievements at all of these events.

We don’t just take our art outside of the school, we also ask artists in; last year’s Arts Week will be the second year that we have been lucky enough to have an artist in residence. We look forward to getting stuck in and creating something wonderful!