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Geography at The Russell School helps our children to develop an understanding of the natural and human worlds.

It develops knowledge of places and environments throughout the world, gives us an understanding of maps and helps us to examine different societies and cultures. The children then begin to realise how much we rely on each other for resources which helps them to think about their own place in the world and their responsibilities to other people and the environment.

Geography is taught through Interactive Learning Projects and closely follows the National Curriculum, complemented by further supplementary material linked to the projects.

In Key Stage One children investigate their local area and begin to learn about the wider world. They begin to formulate geographical questions about people, places and environments and use resources such as maps and photographs to aid their understanding.

In Year One children study our local environment, relating it to London's place in England and the wider world. They also learn about seasonal and daily weather patterns. 

In Year Two children investigate and explore world geography and conduct a more in depth study of our local area.

In Key Stage Two our children investigate a variety of people, places and environments both in the United Kingdom and abroad and start to make links between different places. They examine the relationship between people and the environment and begin to carry out geographical enquiry.

In Year Three we develop our knowledge of the world and study the physical geography of volcanoes and earthquakes.  

In Year Four we extend our knowledge of mapwork and our understanding of places by exploring the world's oceans and mountains.

In Year Five we contrast a very different area to our own locality (a rural location in England). In doing so we make extensive use of maps, atlases and Google Earth. We develop our understanding of the eight points of a compass and grid references and we also look at how world maps have evolved and changed since Tudor Times.

In Year Six we investigate the the Arctic and Antarctic through its physical geography . We also make an in depth study of beaches and coastal erosion as well as analysing a further example of a contrasting locality in a residential visit to the Isle of Wight.