Isle of Wight Wonders

Isle of Wight Wonders

Monday 3rd June - Year 6 have arrived safely on the Isle of Wight and were very excited to be crossing the ocean! Mrs Purchase was very relieved that after having spent all of WOW Week learning about the Titanic the ferry made it safely across!!

The first picture shows the children on the battlements at Carisbrooke Castle. Miss Venn reports that the children have been lovely all day – she hopes it lasts into the night…

Let's hope the sun keeps shining for them!

Tuesday 4th June - Sunny day 2 on the island - a bit tired today (especially the staff woken by chatting at 3am!). Year 6 had great fun at the Botanic Gardens this morning and loved sketching the flowers and dangling their fingers in the ponds!

The afternoon was spent touring Osborne House and studying their favourite rooms.

Finally, fun in the swimming pool this evening. What a lovely day!

Wednesday 5th June - Day 3 in the house... this morning Year 6 spent their time studying the village of Bonchurch. They visited a Victorian school room, the old and new churches and learnt all about the history of the village. The centre staff were extremely impressed with the questions they asked and the respect they showed in the graveyard.

The afternoon was spent on the beach learning about erosion, recreating the cliffs as 3D art and then rockpooling.

Mrs Leir arrived this afternoon just in time to see the swimming pool fun!

Thursday 6th June - What a glorious view from Mrs Leir's window this morning - so peaceful until she had to use a wet flannel to get Year 6 out of bed!

Today started with a visit to Brading Roman Villa to see the amazing mosaics. Year 6 enjoyed trying all of the hands on activities.

The afternoon was spent at Alum Bay. It was a long walk down to the beach (and an even longer walk back up as the chairlift was being repaired!!). A boat ride out to the Needles in the sunshine made up for it though. Year 6 loved the sandshop and spending their pocket money on Isle of Wight souvenirs especially for mums and dads!

The campfire was full of laughter and singing this evening... Even Miss Venn had a go at being a monkey!

Friday 7th June - We had a fabulous time at Robin Hill Country Park and enjoyed all of the rides and activities. We are looking forward to seeing our mums and dads later!