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All children learn French at The Russell School with weekly sessions using audio and interactive resources. They have the opportunity to listen, learn and speak in a different language. They also learn about the traditions, culture and geography of the country.

The framework taught at The Russell School encourages the children to

  • Recognise and respond to sounds and words in a foreign language
  • Communicate with each other in a simple way
  • Listen and understand instructions and everyday classroom language
  • Read and write some familiar words

Our French programme is based around the following topics:

  • Greetings and introducing ourselves
  • All about Me
  • My Family
  • Animals
  • My Birthday
  • The World
  • Me and my school
  • Sport
  • Clothes
  • France

Year Five also learn German which is taught by sixth formers from The German School (our next-door neighbours) which gives pupils an excellent chance to practise with native speakers and to work in small groups. They cover many similar topics to the French scheme with the German students bringing additional activities to share.