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We have a fabulous specialist music teacher who teaches music two days per week. The National Curriculum is followed with the additional use of other published schemes and approaches to teaching music.

All class lessons include a balance of singing, listening, appraising, composing and performing. The children learn about music from different times and genres and lessons often cross many other curriculum areas. We put a huge emphasis on singing for enjoyment and recognise the importance of music in the development of the whole child – physically, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and socially.

In Key Stage One, children develop their ability to recognise the difference between pulse and rhythm and to perform with a sense of pulse. They learn how to play a variety of unpitched percussion instruments and begin to play simple tunes on pitched instruments including the keyboard. We play games to develop their ability to discriminate between high, low, short and long sounds and use movement to express their ideas and feelings about music.

In Key Stage Two, we build on work from Key Stage One, covering the musical elements of:

  • Pitch – gradations of high/low
  • Duration – groups of beats, rhythm
  • Dynamics – gradations of volume
  • Tempo – different speeds
  • Timbre – different types of sound
  • Texture – different ways sounds are combined
  • Structure – different ways sounds are organised

Instrumental lessons and extra-curricular activities

Many of our children take instrumental lessons and have opportunities throughout the year to perform to the school in concerts and assemblies. All children in Year Three learn to play the recorder. Many children also take up instrumental lessons with The Richmond Music Trust and our own freelance teachers. We currently have children learning the violin, flute, guitar and keyboard, groups of children learning the violin through the Suzuki method and children from Years Reception to Six learning the harp. Our Year Four children have vocal and flute lessons through the Wider Opportunities programme.

All children are allowed to join the choir which represents the school on many occasions throughout the year including the annual Richmond Singing Festival and the school fairs. We have an orchestra which all Key Stage Two children are welcome to join and also a recorder club. Occasionally musicians visit the school to run workshops for the children. Our children in Year Five sing at the annual Young Voices concert at the 02 Arena and we try to attend the Bright Sparks concerts at The Royal Festival Hall whenever we can.

We are currently developing our use of Music Technology with a programme of visits to a recording studio for our Year Six children and a Music Technology Club available to Key Stage Two learners.