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Religious Education is taught throughout the school and follows Government guidelines, alongside the recommendations of our local Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (SACRE) with lessons being planned from published schemes.

The focus of RE at The Russell School is mainly Christian. However, we are also concerned with developing pupils' knowledge and understanding of the beliefs, teachings and practices of Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism. At The Russell School we foster a respect for their own traditions and culture, and those of others, through learning about and from these religions. This area is often described as explicit RE because it deals directly with religious beliefs.

We also encourage reflection and the sharing of pupils own ideas and concerns. This area is often called implicit RE because it explores a range of common human experiences, such as feelings of joy, fear, hope, loneliness, compassion and anger, regardless of the personal beliefs of that individual. It enables our children to recognise the fundamental questions about life’s meaning and purpose and to explore the variety of responses given to those questions by religions and philosophies throughout the ages.

As a school community, we have a short act of collective worship and assembly each day, albeit in various groupings. Children often take an active role in collective worship and parents are regularly invited to special celebration and class assemblies. The Russell School is a community school and as such it has no affiliation with a particular religious denomination. We do, however, have strong links with the local St Peter’s Church and it is there that we hold our Christmas Carol Services. At The Russell School, we try and teach an inclusive RE curriculum which is suitable for all pupils.