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School Council


The School Council is a group of children that meet on a weekly basis with Mrs Sheen. We have all been elected by our classes because they feel we are good at putting our point across clearly and considerately. We work together to discuss and decide on issues which are important to the children at The Russell School. We also work hard to raise money for our chosen charities. Last year, we also named ourselves The Russell Junior Leaders as we feel it is our job to be the voice for our classes.  

Written below you will find the values which The Russell Junior Leaders believe are important to our school vision. If you look closely it spells out a special word... 

  • Respectful, reliable and responsible pupils
  • Understanding and celebrating differences
  • Smart and sensible pupils
  • Serious about achieving and learning skills for success
  • Enjoyable education for all and environmentally friendly
  • Lively learning and life skills
  • Let parents and the community join in