WOW Week

WOW Week

This week has seen our staff and children immerse themselves in everything arty and creative as part of WOW Week.

On Monday and Tuesday our Artist in Residence created a short animation with a group of children from every class. We can't wait to see the finished result and will post it on the website as soon as it is complete.

Every class has taken their inspiration for this week from a different source.

In Year 6, they have been having great fun creating artwork inspired by Claude Monet’s ‘Magical Garden’. First they tried to use Monet’s style to paint water gardens and now they have created their own 3D magical gardens, using natural items from the school grounds plus other collage materials.

Year 4 have been inspired by the idea of what the giant’s garden would actually look like in the story “Jack and the Beanstalk”. So far, they have created their own miniature gardens using natural materials found in our school grounds.

Keep an eye out for further updates!