WOW Week!

WOW Week!

WOW Week was a resounding success! The children produced some fantastic work from some very creatively planned activities and both children and staff thoroughly enjoyed learning in this way. We are definitely inspired to try it again. As part of WOW Week all class teachers chose two 'Star Writers' from their class. They produced some amazing pieces of creative writing and thoroughly deserved the accolade. Photographs of each class can be found in 'Our Gallery', just click on the tab at the top. 

Star Writers

Reception - A.A. Milne Class

Zaina and Ben


Year 1 - Rossetti Class

Sophie and Rahul 



Year 2 - Rosen Class

Florence and Christopher



Year 3 - Oliver Class

Felix and Lucy-John

Year 4 - Milligan Class

Leonora and Alex



Year 5 - O'Hara Class

David and Tabitha

 Year 6 - Zephaniah Class

Billy and Mabe