• Welcome to

    The Russell School


Our school community is canvassed regularly for its views and opinions about how well our school is doing. All stakeholders, whether children, parents, staff or Governors, are also key to helping us to further improve our practice.

Our children say that The Russell School is good at

'giving us work which is hard but fun'

‘being really creative and musical – we have a great time learning together!’

'making sure everyone is included and looking after them'

'making sure that all children are happy'

'helping people with disabilities'

'being very sporty'

'working together as a team of children and adults'

Our parents say

'It is a very happy, friendly school' (Year Six Parent)

'Fantastic community atmosphere – feels like a village school' (Year Two Parent)

'All of my children adore The Russell and have made fantastic progress' (Year Five Parent)

'Behaviour in the classes, and generally around school too, is impressive' (Year One Parent)

'The Russell School is like an extended family. My children love it' (Year Four Parent)

'Relationships between parents and staff are very good – staff are very approachable' (Year Five Parent)

We are very proud of our school and welcome the chance to show it off to visitors.