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This year we have eight classes and our class names are all inspired by celebrated poets.

We have chosen poets who write beautiful verse to inspire us in our writing and in our lives throughout this year. Our chosen poets are all very different; they are creative and thought-provoking and think and write in very different ways - just like us.

Nursery - Donaldson Class (Julia Donaldson)

Reception - Brownlee Class (Liz Brownlee)

Year 1 - Singer Class (Marilyn Singer)

Year 2 - Goodfellow Class (Matt Goodfellow)

Year 3 - Zephaniah Class (Benjamin Zephaniah)

Year 4 - Angelou Class (Maya Angelou)

Year 5 - Nichols Class (Grace Nichols)

Year 6 - Coelho Class (Joseph Coelho)